What You Should Know About Health This Year

What You Should Know About Health This Year

Tips for Making Your Home Office More Health Friendly

The coming of technology has brought tremendous changes in all aspects of life most importantly in the job market. More than half the world population has now moved to working from home which they feel is more accommodating and convenient. The trend is attached with various benefits such as reduced costs as the job involves zero movements from one point to another, spending more time with family since the employee works from home all the time, maximum working hours since there is no opening or closing hours and the employee is in charge of their schedule among others. Working from home, on the contrary, does not allow the employee time to do physical fitness activities which is a major health hazard among most people. A worker who performs their duties from home has to formulate strategies to ensure their workstation is in a perfect state both physically and healthwise.

The workstation should be specially calculated to meet the worker’s needs, and expectations. Working on a computer for a long time while seated affects the worker negatively. Slouching over the computer even makes the situation worse and the solution to the challenge is to come up with an ergonomic workstation. The market designers already introduced effective working desks in the market which meet the telecommuters’ needs. The ergonomic desk and chair saves the employee from the tremendous back and neck pains.

The workstation just like the rest of the house should be thoroughly cleaned. Research should be done to identify all the relevant items that should be used in cleaning the workstation. Mechanisms should be adopted to ensure the working space is always dry and free from moisture. All the other corners of the room should be thoroughly cleaned including the carpet to avoid creating breeding places for germs and bacteria. Dirt should be removed from all the spaces when cleaning the workplace.

Breaking off from work for a few minutes on a regular basis keeps one rejuvenated every time they come back which enhances productivity. Research shows that people who work while seated most of the day have a bigger likelihood of suffering from lifestyle related complications such as hypertension and diabetes which is a risk none of us is willing to take. Taking a ten-minute break every hour can work miracles on both your body and mind. The breaks can be used to allow the employee think about anything else apart from work which breaks the work boredom and monotony.

Ensuring that the home office is well ventilated is another vital aspect that cannot be neglected. Lack of enough fresh and clean air could result in severe problems such as breathing difficulties. Working in a stuffy environment can also be frustrating and very uncomfortable. The window to the workstation should always remain open at all convenient times.

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